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Owner's Letter

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Dear all pets' friends,


I am glad to have you visiting our web site. Let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and tell some history about Kennel van Dego.


I was born in Hong Kong and brought up in Hong Kong. Taking care of pet is my first and perhaps last career. Since I was twenty one when most youth were enjoying shopping, dating and parties, instead, I gathered all my gut and started this boarding kennel. I had devoted myself into pet caring business and built my way of no return. In the beginning (It was about twenty something years ago) I had paid a very high price to rent the first property (a very small broken hut) in this very remote village (Shek Hang Tsuen). I was very young and naive. I understood that the village was abandoned and the last villager left fifteen years before I arrived.


Without financial or any other form of support, it was extremely difficult to build form scratch. There were no proper facilities nor did we have any budget to promote our services. We were having less then then dogs per month for boarding or training in those days, there was big difference in attitude towards pet compared to nowadays. The first ten years' work was only to build a simple foundation of the kennel and mainly to earn more experiences from basic animal care to general daily management I have to learn every issue by myself. There was no school to teach on this subject. I gain all the knowledge by reading many books and daily practices.


Self Photos / Files - WhatsApp Image 2021-01-19 at 10.31.50 (8)The second ten years was a bigger challenge. When business was growing, we needed to expend and built more facilities. When we were in great need of financial support, of course, we were not someone big and powerful who could get loan from the bank easily. We were just hoping to have a steady environment to build up slowly. What we got was some villageers who had never lived in the village got very upset that we were doing just fine and had constantly making troubles. Almost every department from the government came here to pay my respect but not the last. On the same time (before 1997), the property market was sky high. Every property owner in the area was dreaming to be rich over night. Getting little rental (compare to the sky high un-realistic offer) from the poor kennel was surely against their will. You could imagine what kind of stress we were here to take everyday.


Those were the days, over twenty some years hard works, stress and tears, you can see from other pages about our facilities. It is one of the biggest and best kennel establishments in Hong Kong. We are proud but not sitting back. We are looking for ways to improve all the time within our limitation. I am most regret that ther are many good ideas we can never make it come true. There is a lot of limitation. The cost of the property is no. one factor, how we can interpret the government leasing condition of different properties is another major problem. It would be a waste of time to belive the Government would give a hand on small business like us. The would only think about us when SAR happened. Now that SAR disappears and the economy of the city is climbing up again, we will soon be completely forgotten.


Let's talk something nice about this career. We are here to take care of every client's lovely pet. No matter they look good or not, old or young, cats or dogs, they are our friends. We treat them well and in retrun, they give us a lot of love and satisfaction.(they are different from landlords or government) You are most welcome to join us as member and come to visit our boarding pets. Do pay us a visit with or without your pet. I am looking forward to meet you and your animal friends.


Yours Sincerely


Mrs. Siu