Licensed Pet Hotel, Licence No.: 001589


Pick up and Delivery

(Driver will not come up to the flat)

Pick up and delivery are extra service, The transportation time will be arranged by kennel and advise the client one day in advance, However, if our arramgement can't meet your expectation, please arrange drop off and collect animal(s) by your own within our office hours. 



Evening Walk

Evening walk service is designed for the dogs that are used to do toilet in the evening. Our kennel staff will walk him/her between 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 the evening. For taking this great advantage, you only have to pay as little as HKD$25.00 per walk.

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Extra Playtime

While your pets stay with us, he/she have his/her food and daily exercise as part of the kennel routine care, but your pet may miss your personal contact. You can appoint this service for our care takers to talk and play with your pet individually either at the playgrounds or in his/her room. Every two play time can get one time of photos upload to our facebook.

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Brush & Massage

To encourage healthy skin, Brush is suggested at least once a week. A simple brush and massage including eyes,ears cleaning. Excluding removal of matted or tangled hair. Each slot is between 15-25 minutes.

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Flower Bath Therapy & Dog Grooming

For animal is manageable by our staff only.Charges according to the condition of the dog's coat.

Heal your dog The natural way - Flower Bath Therapy

Bubble bathtub and organic ingredient- real flowers lavender, rose , chrysanthemum and bach flower essential oil, give you dog a great fun surfing in Sai Kung country park.

Reasons for recommendation

  1. Veterinarian Recommended
  2. Professional care
  3. Natural Stress Relief
  4. Homeopathy

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Flea and Tick Treatment

In order to upkeep the standard of hygiene, and to minimize the chance of infestation of parasites. Please note that it is compulsory for all boarder pets to be treated for prevention for parasites. Such as flea and ticks. Owners are advised to treat their pets with either Frontline spray or Frontline spot on before check-in boarding. You are most welcome to use another effective product.


Medicating Animals

We don't supply medication. we will only administer medication between the hours of 9:00-17:00, If your animal requires the administration of medication outside our medicating hours such as diabetic/epileptic animals, it can be discussed with the kennel manager and supervision fees will apply. 


We'll only administer medication under instruction from you. You need to labelled with the:


  • Animal's name and name of the medication
  • Dose rate and frequency rate
  • Route of administration e.g. oral, topical, ear or eye drops, and the medication expiry date



Animal's Import & Export