Licensed Pet Hotel, Licence No.: 001589

Terms & Conditions


  • Definitions
    1. “The Kennel” means “Kennel Van Dego (HK) Limited”.
    2. “Animal(s)” means all animal(s) handle by “Kennel Van Dego (HK) Limited”.
    3. “Owner” means legal owner of such animal(s), and/or agent or other parties authorize by legal owner for handle such animal(s).
  • The Kennel reserves the right not to provide service to any animal(s), and terminating the boarding agreement without providing any reason and/or proof to any parties.
  • It’s the owner’s duty to make sure that animal(s) have effective flea and tick treatment, current valid vaccination, such as Rabies, Dhppil and Kennel Cough for dogs. * kennel cough vaccine must be done at least seven days prior to check-in boarding. * FVRCP for cats. It is owner’s responsibility to provide true information and real records reference.
  • Owner understand that there is a risk to keep dog(s) at the kennel that dog may catch the kennel cough disease, Owner will take full responsibility on this, e.g. In case of dog(s) show any kennel cough symptom or if there is an outbreak of kennel cough in the kennel, owner need to collect dog(s) from the kennel immediately.
  • Owner understand that animal(s) could suffer from stress due to sudden change of living environment and of eating habit, animal(s) may also have symptom on separation anxiety resulting in sickness or destructive behaviors whereas may result in injuries.
  • Owner understand that animal(s) may occasionally have following unknown hidden health problems; defects in organs like heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, spleen, latent tumor, tick fever, heartworm disease etc.
  • Owner MUST inform the kennel if animal(s) has/have skin problem or other contagions disease; Kennel cannot be held responsible for matters not under our control like: allergies to food, shampoo, conditioner, deflea and tick treatments, deworm treatments, vaccine ,ear cleanser, eye cleanser ...etc. Owner must notify to the kennel with clear written instruction if there are any such.
  • Boarding animal(s) will be fed with a standard, balanced diet. Any specially required diet must be supplied by owners’. medications, food that is not included in the standard diet, etc. No reduction in boarding fees accordingly.
  • Minimum charge for boarding animal(s) are two boarding days.These charges cover only boarding, feeding, regular exercising and cleaning of the boarding facilities and exclusive for any other charges, such as veterinary treatment, medications and/or grooming services which may be required during the boarding period.
  • The decision as to whether veterinary treatment is required and the type of treatment to be adopted, it shall be entirely at the discretion of The Kennel’s Manager, and all related charges shall be settled by the owner.
  • HKD$200 is required for each booking when making a reservation, and it is non-refundable in case of cancellation. No service will reserve unless reservation fee is received.
  • An animal(s) left at The Kennel seven days after the expiry of agreed boarding period and without direct request from the owner to extend the boarding period and extra fees settled, will be deemed “abandoned”. The Kennel retains the right at its own discretion to decide the method of disposal of an abandoned animal(s), The Kennel will not responsible to reporting to any parties about handling such “abandoned” animal(s).
  • All pick up and delivery services are extra services due to any unforeseen circumstances e.g. Traffic jam, weather condition, sickness of driver, vehicle problems, etc. The Kennel cannot accept responsibility on any delay of pick up or delivery may occur; the owner shall be responsible for the extra cost involved.
  • Owner understand that animal(s)’ photos would be post on kennel’s Facebook or other medias.
  • The animal(s) accepted shall be boarded with The Kennel at the sole responsibility of owner of the animal(s), and The Kennel shall not under any circumstances whatsoever be liable in the event that the animal(s) depreciated in value, sustains injury, dies, becomes ill, goes missing or escapes. The Kennel takes care of all boarding animal(s) with professional standard. However, in case of any claim for compensation of proved negligence, The Kennel will take maximum liability of HKD$2,000 relates each boarding animal.
  • The Kennel reserve the right of final explanation, to amended, updates this boarding terms and conditions, please contact The Kennel’ staff for latest version.